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Career coaching for individuals

Making good decisions is key to making the most of your professional potential

Whatever stage of your career life-cycle, from school to nearing retirement, the ability to make good decisions is key to making the most of your professional potential.

Decisions that can help you choose the right job, make positive changes in your career, communicate better at work, grow and develop, or get that promotion.

You need a clear plan that gives you options for your professional future.

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Leadership and workplace coaching

Leadership & Workplace Coaching

Strength comes from developing a positive workplace culture with clear values

Good workplaces can be great. And great workplaces recruit and retain employees who thrive, lead and champion growth.

Making the right decisions when employing staff and allowing current staff to grow and develop can mean the difference between prospering and struggling.

Strength comes from developing a positive corporate culture with clear values. Then wrapping them around your staff to help you maintain your edge.

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Whether you’re an individual or organisation, you can develop a clear path, supported by strategies and tools that help you get to where you want to be.

Hi, I’m Janet and welcome to the Career Clinic.

I am fortunate enough to get to talk to a lot of people about their work, their careers and their organisations. The need to adapt in this rapidly changing work environment is leaving a lot of people feeling stuck. While many are struggling to find their career niche, others simply want to be more effective at work, or be part of better functioning teams.

With nearly 20 years’ experience in career and workplace coaching and development, I have seen many teams learn how to function better, and people start leading great lives because they have made good decisions and are equipped with the right information and tools to do so. Organisations who have invested in the development of their people consistently perform better than those that don’t.

You may be similar to many who contact me in that you have ideas about what you want but can’t see how to get there. You can get the tools you need to be successful or a clear plan to help you confidently move forward to the future you want.

Get on the right track with expert advice

Make good career decisions

Build a value-based business

Embrace growth and development

It’s time to get a clear plan for success and the right advice from an expert Career Management Coach

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Take the first step in the right direction to create the future you want.

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Individual Career Coaching

Individual Career Coaching

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Workplace Development

Workplace Development

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Workshops & Facilitation

Workshops & Facilitation

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