Career Clinic specialist, Janet Tuck works with people to help them make the most of their professional potential, and make good decisions about their career choices, their performance, and their leadership and management.

She helps individuals and teams work out:

  • Who they are
  • What they want
  • Where they want to go
  • How they’re going to get there
  • How they can stay positive throughout the process

“Many people don’t know where to focus, how to get started, or what they should do, and they feel stuck.

My goal is to help people be the best they can be, so their work lives feel more fulfilling, their teams function effectively, and their organisations grow.”

Specialist coaching and training programmes designed to help people succeed

Strategic careers

Effective teams

Successful organisations

Hi, I’m Janet Tuck

I’ve been working as a career management specialist and workplace coach and trainer for almost 20 years, and am an experienced board member and chair.

I started out my career in teaching, and I’ve moved between a variety of different jobs in different industries and also in the community sector. I’m now based on the North Shore in Auckland, but I’ve lived in many places in New Zealand and in Hong Kong. It was while living in Asia that I discovered how powerful and strategic a coaching relationship can be and the difference it can make to individuals and organisations.

I’ve worked with clients from every age and stage in their career journeys and coached individuals and teams in a wide range of organisations. I am committed to helping people be the best they can be, so all areas of their lives feel more fulfilling, and their organisations grow.

I believe that people can lead great lives if they make good decisions equipped with the right information and the tools to do so. I work with individuals and teams helping them understand themselves and their situations better so they can take ownership and create a positive future.

The process is customised and the tools are practical so people learn skills that they can use that will lead to better overall outcomes.

  • Identify and clarify best options
  • Find the right career path
  • Get that promotion
  • Make progress in a career
  • Grow in professional competence and confidence
  • Apply for jobs and get an interview
  • Become an inspiring leader or manager
  • Create a positive workplace culture
  • Build a great team
  • Identify and nurture leadership potential

Janet provided support and assistance in developing a career plan and a refreshed CV. My confidence was bolstered and I took away a ‘can-do’ attitude as a result of our sessions. The things that we discussed have become part of my encouraging self-talk as I have moved along the career path we mapped out. I would encourage others to take up a career planning programme with Janet.


The world needs people who understand who they are, what they have to offer, and the difference they can make. I really enjoy seeing people find out their own ‘Why’ and then going out and making a difference in the world. 

Janet Tuck, Career Clinic

Contact Janet Tuck when you need an experienced, qualified career and workplace professional to help you or your team be the best they can be. 

She delivers coaching, supervision and training programmes that offer unique insights and tools for people that will enable you to successfully navigate the world of work.

Qualifications & Memberships

  • Master of Management
  • Grad Cert in Career Development
  • Grad Cert in Professional Supervision
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Dip Teaching
  • Certified provider of coaching and workshops using TTI Success Insights® suite of tools to assess DISC Behaviours, Motivators/ Driving Forces, & EQ
  • Professional Member, CDANZ.

I really liked the fact that I had the opportunity to reflect as an individual and also receive professional guidance from Janet. The benefits for me were that I felt that it gave me more confidence in my abilities, particularly in a leadership capacity. It helped me to realise my value to the sector not only from a knowledge and experience point of view but in a leadership context.


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