Sometimes you need some help rediscovering passion for your work

Many people start in one career but soon lose their passion for their work. And when you don’t love your career your whole life suffers.

I can customise a programme to take you forward, to help you get your career in shape and be successful with the career choices you make in the future.

You need a plan to chase the career you really want

Understand who you are and what you want to achieve

Create a plan to successfully get there

Confidently reach your goals

Many people promise that they can over-deliver. Janet actually does. Janet completely changed the way I thought about the next step in my career journey, and the strategy I would use to achieve my goals.


Career coaching

  • Get clear about your current career direction
  • Understand yourself, your transferable skills, and what you have to offer
  • Open your mind to career possibilities
  • Practically assess the opportunities available to you now
  • Develop a realistic plan for a fulfilling career moving forward

Create a career you’re passionate about

Let’s talk

Book a meeting

Get a clear plan

Janet was instrumental in helping me extract my transferable skills, revamp my CV & market myself differently. Within 2 months I had landed a promotion within another part of the organisation.