Where To Begin? The REAL Facts About Searching For a Job

Clients come to see me for a wide range of reasons. Because I’m a career specialist, they usually want to talk about their jobs, their workplaces, and how to change something to make things work better for them. I expect to have an honest and open conversation, but sometimes things aren’t all they seem when […]

Is Staying Where You Are The Best Option For Your Career?

The decision about whether to change jobs or not can be a difficult one to make.  Staying in a job that is not quite working for you as well as you’d like it to can be demotivating. But changing jobs can also be challenging. In my last blog, Is It Crazy To Change Jobs Right […]

Is It Crazy To Change Jobs Right Now If You Don’t Have To?

The current economic climate brought on by the Covid situation has led to a very challenging employment market. Many people have already lost their jobs and there will be many more redundancies to come. With unemployment growing, many people are between jobs. From the many clients I have seen since lockdown ended, people who are […]

Revealing The Mistakes People Make When Job Hunting

Over the coming weeks, many people will be actively looking for new jobs. Their numbers will be considerably higher than is normal for this time of the year. Many will be coming from industries that have been hit hard by the Covid-19 situation. Most will feel some sense of urgency to their search, an urgency […]

What’s Your Strategy When Your Job’s Up In The Air?

There is a lot of uncertainty about what things will look like when we come out of lockdown, or even when and how this will happen. This makes it very difficult to make accurate predictions about the big questions everyone is asking:  Being at home in our bubbles has meant that regular routines have been […]

It Started With A Whiteboard And A Pen: The Conversations that Changed Two Careers

Why I Do What I Do Now In the midst of the challenging employment landscape faced by many at the moment, the story below is about one of my early coaching clients. Kay made some very courageous career decisions. It took a lot of tenacity and determination on her part but she achieved an amazing […]

When is The Best Time of The Year to Network? NOW!

Clients come to me for Career Advice and to get help with Career Management. The one thing I tell them that disturbs them more than any other advice is this: ‘You need to network more and get active within your networks. The lead up to Christmas is a great time to do this.’ I have […]

How to Transition Mid-Career? Slow Down and Do The RIGHT Things

“This just isn’t working for me anymore! I have to get out and find something else.” I hear this from so many clients as they reach mid-career. What happens in mid-career that leads to this sense of dissatisfaction and what can you do about it? Characteristics Beyond these, here is a list of signs that […]

How To Get Out of the Corner and Into A Job You Love

Richard Branson has always impressed me. He seems to get who he is and what he’s about in terms of life purpose and work. In a recent article, he outlined a system he uses to work out how things are going in his life, and how he should plan his next steps. He suggested drawing […]