Rediscover your strengths and discover new opportunities

Redundancy is tough for most people but you can bounce back with the right help.

Everyone is different and people are affected by redundancy in different ways.

A tailored redundancy support programme will give you insights and increase your confidence about what you have to offer in the job market, and provide you with the tools to make it successful.

Make a successful transition

Learn about the changing job market

Build a job search strategy

Practice interview techniques

Prepare a market-ready, up-to-date CV

Janet was incredibly helpful at a difficult time in my career. She listened to my situation. and provided invaluable support, insight and input as I transitioned to a new employment position.


Develop a personalised programme to achieve your career goals

  • Career coaching to explore new career options
  • Job search strategy
  • Interview technique training
  • Career management plan
  • Prepare a market-ready up-to-date CV
  • Relevant job market information
  • Tips on how to market yourself
  • How to use LinkedIn effectively

Get back into the job market with confidence

Let’s talk

Book a meeting

Get a clear plan

Janet was insightful, engaging, and has a knack for asking good questions.  My sessions with her structured my thinking about my next steps. I recommend her to anyone who wants to make a change in their career but can’t pinpoint the next step.