Finding the right career path can be confusing

Many students and new graduates feel overwhelmed with the ton of information they need to wade through about making university or career choices.

I can help you prepare to make the most of yourself as you take these first steps towards your career.

You need a clear plan to get started on the right career path, with confidence.

Clarify your goals and options

Plan your steps to get there

Start your career with confidence

I found it really useful to break down what was actually important to me in a future career and what my strengths and interests would best be suited to. Having examples of how to achieve my goals and go about entering into tertiary education really equipped me to make important decisions for my future.


Student and graduate career coaching

  • Develop clarity and understanding about how to make good decisions about your future
  • Discover valuable insights about yourself
  • Learn about the world of work and gain tools to take control of your future
  • Develop and implement an action plan and identify the resources that will help you

Start your career path with confidence

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I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go after leaving school. But through the sessions I became aware of new options and now have an idea of what path I’d like to take.