Take time out from your work to review your performance

The opportunity to reflect will help you gain greater clarity about your work and feel supported to explore options for development.

These courageous conversations can increase your effectiveness and build your resilience.

You will be heard and respected in a safe, private, non-judgemental space.

What does the process look like?

Regular, confidential conversations with a qualified supervisor who is experienced in a wide range of workplace contexts

A safe environment to reflect on your work and nurture your professional resilience

The opportunity to attend to your health and well being

Support in setting appropriate development goals and a process to review

I really liked the fact that I had the opportunity to reflect as an individual and also receive professional guidance from Janet. The benefits for me were that I felt that it gave me more confidence in my abilities, particularly in a leadership capacity. It helped me to realise my value to the sector not only from a knowledge and experience point of view but in a leadership context.


Professional Supervision

  • A safe place to reflect, learn and grow in your professional competence
  • Gain greater clarity about your work and feel supported to explore options for development
  • Increase your effectiveness and build your resilience
  • You will be heard and respected in a private, non-judgemental space

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The value for me, was having someone who was supportive, non-judgmental and encouraging, and someone with experience to help me gain a new understanding about myself. Janet was good at helping me see my strengths. This was very affirming and much of this has stayed with me over the ensuing year. Many of the things that we have discussed have become part of my encouraging self-talk.