Provide the right support during times of change

Few people truly embrace change especially when it involves redundancies. It’s important to remember that the people you wish to retain are also part of the change process. They’re watching the way your organisation manages change.

You have the power to support those who are leaving and those who remain.

Understanding how to guide your organisation through periods of change can help you manage the process with the least disruption to all.

I can help you provide the right support for your people. Those directly affected by restructuring as well as those indirectly affected or on the periphery. So your organisation and your team come through the experience with minimal disruption.

Get the best outcomes during restructuring and transition

Maximising relationships

Minimising the impact

Come out stronger

I enjoyed the session today. It provided me with structure and ideas on how to formulate my CV and Cover Letter. The session was practical and engaging.


Tailored coaching to manage change

  • Help to plan for and oversee the change process
  • Support during the announcement
  • Support and coaching for employees to successfully face transition and/or outplacement
  • Helping staff get job-seeker ready to tackle their job hunt
  • Up-to-date information about the job market
  • Help with CV, LinkedIn, and Interview coaching

Successfully transition through change

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Get a clear plan

Great day. It gave me plenty to think about. I feel more confident thinking about the future.