Help the people in your organisation perform at their best and play to their strengths

Workshops are a great way to tap into the best that each person has to offer. They encourage greater engagement and motivation and increase levels of 'buy-in' to new initiatives.

Career Clinic offers a wide range of opportunities to develop skills and build capacity. All can be customised to meet your team’s objectives.

Unique opportunities to develop skills and build capacity

Develop team capabilities

Help people achieve their potential

Improve motivation and engagement

From the first meeting with Janet we were really impressed with her willingness to meet our workshop needs. She was highly professional, organised and communication was transparent, relevant and timely. We highly recommend her to other organisations.

Professional Services organisation

I got heaps out of the workshop and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Excellent facilitator and presenter.


Incredibly helpful approach. Totally hit the mark and helped the group break through a potentially overwhelming situation, getting us moving forward and in control.


Development opportunities to help your organisation learn and grow

  • Fine-tune communication skills and inter-personal relationships
  • Understand your people’s behaviours, drivers, and EQ
  • Resilience and wellbeing strategies
  • Career Warrant of Fitness: How to move on up
  • SWOT your career
  • Build a cohesive leadership team
  • Mentoring programmes: development, implementation and review
  • Transition and outplacement support
  • Job crafting
  • Leadership brand, skills and development

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Janet has chaired and led a number of summits and workshops for us. Feedback from participants is always enthusiastic and they found her highly engaging. Her experience in being able to “read” the audience and knowing when to extend discussion or move onto the next planned activity has contributed to the success of the days.

Leadership Development Conference Organiser

The content and resources were great, with a good package of materials to take away.